Responsibility and food safety to limit our impact on global environment

Genuine Coconut packages each coconut in a micro-perforated, anti- steam high-tech film made by polyolefin, material that is fully recyclable.

Why we are wrapping our organic coconuts in a film?

Our young coconuts are in an immature stage, full of sweet water and with a jelly-like meat. At this stage the shell is very porous and the coconut continues breathing through them. The film replicates the protective effect of the green flesh reducing its breathing rate and preventing the sweet water becoming sour in a few days.

The film protects our coconuts from handling and exterior contamination. It prevents the growth of molds on the coconut shell and avoids the use of awful chemicals commonly used in the white husked fresh coconuts produced in the countries of origin. The film also helps to decrease the evaporation effect of the coconut water and extend the shelf life and freshness of the coconut reducing a significant global concern – FOOD WASTE.

This film uses a 92% less plastic than a PET bottle commonly used for natural juices.

Our ring pulls are made using 40 % of coconut husk coming from our de-husking process and mixed with a resin which is fully recyclable. With our patented easy opening system we avoid the use of dangerous tools to open the coconuts such as knifes and machetes.

We use a cardboard ring to protect the weak spots in the bottom of the coconut from impacts and handling since it is the most sensitive part of the coconut. Also the cardboard ring facilitates its consumption by giving stability to the coconut and allows us to include information such as nutritional values, expiration date, certifications …. The cardboard ring is made of recyclable materials and is recyclable.

Due to the nature of our product, it is necessary to use a straw to access the water inside the coconut. Actually we are using a new straw made of PLA (a biodegradable polymer made from corn starch), so it is biodegradable, compostable, as well as free of contaminant.

The Genuine Coconut team is committed to continue working hard towards achieving a 100% biodegradable packaging.