Coconut Water

Thai origin

Genuine Coconut originates in the heart of Thailand, where coconuts grow naturally and organically in a select area bathed by two of the biggest rivers in Thailand.
Our coconuts are the NAM HOM variety (aromatic coconuts), which are unique and internationally known for their particular fragrance, sweetness, and special health benefits.
The combination of abundant water, fertile soil that is rich in essential minerals and year-round sun makes this area a unique place and gives our coconuts that special genuine flavor.

As nature intended

Drinking coconut water directly from the coconut itself, as nature intended, with no processing, it’s what makes Genuine Coconut unique.
Advantages? We keep the coconut’s natural protection so that the water it contains is completely aseptic and virgin and 100% free from any type of microbe, thereby preserving all its flavor and aroma. Plus, these coconuts come from organic crops that respect biological cycles and contribute to the health of agricultural systems.

Easy-opening system

Have you ever imagined enjoying this refreshing and natural beverage in your own private paradise? We want you to savor coconut water anywhere, in the easiest, most authentic and most convenient way, with nothing additional required for opening. So we’ve researched and worked with our engineers to make this possible. The solution? A patented, easy-opening system that is applied directly to the fruit, which makes Genuine Coconut the only organic, pure, and virgin coconut water on the market that you can drink in its original container.


All our processes and products are audited and certified. Genuine Coconut bases its business model on transparency and quality control. That’s why our conditions are non-negotiable from day one: we only select the best, 100% organically grown aromatic coconuts.


We don’t manufacture a product, we bring nature to the consumer, and we do so efficiently and sustainably:
By selecting the best aromatic coconuts of organic quality, transporting them at a controlled temperature and in a controlled atmosphere, incorporating a patented easy-opening system to make it easy to drink, and protecting its delicate flavor and aroma at all times.