The best chef in the world

In this section, you’ll find news, novelties, and everything of interest related to the wide world of gastronomy. And we begin with the recent choice of the best chef in the world, who this time is a French woman, Hélène Darroze.

Hélène was born in 1968 in Villeneuve de Marsan, belonging to the fourth generation of chefs in her family. At age six, she had already made her first apple cake.

She worked with Alain Ducasse and then at the family restaurant, and at age 32 she opened up her own restaurant in Paris. She currently owns two well-known and famous restaurants: the one in Paris, which has her name, and The Connaught, in London. Each one with their corresponding Michelin star.

When cooking, she never forgets about her French roots and always chooses the best products from each season. She says that she finds inspiration for creating new dishes in everything around her. Her cuisine is characterized by being “complex and modest”, and it seems, her “squid ink risotto with sautéed squid and chorizo sausage, candied tomatoes, and Parmesan foam” is a clear example.

As a news tidbit, we can tell you that she’s so well known within international cuisine, that the character Collette in the film “Ratatouille” (2007) is based on her.
By the way, the choice for best chef was made by the British Restaurant Magazine, which also publishes a list of the 50 best restaurants in the world. This event will take place next 1 June in London, but we’ll tell you about that later. Bon appétit!