Swimwear variety

Welcome to the Genuine Coconut private fashion show! Here we’ll tell you about the latest trends and about the collections and best accessories for every occasion. Since summer is practically right around the corner (sun, good times, the beach, etc.), we have decided to begin with a post about swimwear and poolside fashion for this year.

And what’s the trend in swimwear? You just have to take a look at fashion shows, because bathing suits are gaining strength, and designers such as Dior, Armani, Chanel, and Tom Ford have given them a bigger leading role in their collections.
Intense colors are notable, for both her and him. For her, the proposals range from a return to the seventies to sports designs, floral patterns, prints, lace, fringes, crochets, and asymmetrical cuts. As you can see, a great variety of options to choose from.
But, above all, the trend is in cuts that show a sexy woman, proud to show her curves. And this is where waist high bikinis and one-piece bathing suits come into play, which highlight the feminine figure while hiding imperfections.

And for him, the look is somewhat more traditional, but with all the available lengths, which will provide a bit more room for choosing.


Here we show you a few examples of bathing suits for this season from Victoria’s Secret.