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This web has been created by WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING, S.L. (hereafter referred as “WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING, S.L” or “Company”) for Informational purposes and Personal use Free of charge. This LEGAL NOTICE regulates the use of the Internet portal services, including the Standards of Protection for all online user and protecting the rights of WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING, S.L. against possible infringements.

Identification details:

World´s Coconut Trading S.L is a Spanish private limited company with registered offices at C/ COLONIA SAN LAMBERTO 25, Zaragoza, 50011. Its Tax Id. No is B-99410128 and it is registered in Zaragoza Mercantile Registry, Tome 4045, Book 0, Page 40, Sheet Z-56715, 1st entry. E-mail address, telephone +34 976619263.

All the contents of the website http:///, such as texts, graphics, photographs, logos, icons, pictures, as well as the graphic design, source code and software, are the exclusive property of WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING, S.L. or third parties. Rights related to contents are legally held by WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING, S.L., being protected by National and International legislation.

The use of any elements the subject of intellectual and industrial property for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, as is their distribution, modification, alteration or disassembly.

WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L. has exclusive rights to explotation of the intellectual property mentioned, in any form, and particularly the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

Companies linked to the website, may request its withdrawal emailing

Internet users who access this Web are expressly authorized to visualize and download all the information contained in it and make private reproductions in their own computer systems provided that the elements which are reproduced are intended solely for the personal use of the user and are not subsequently transferred or transmitted to third parties or installed on any server connected directly or indirectly to the Internet or a local area network, being possible the access for those third parties to the aforementioned information that is the property of WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L. by means other than through the Web itself.

In this sense, Internet users are not allowed to distribute, modify, assign or communicate the information (texts or pictures) contained in the Web, including sending it by e-mail, or even its distribution, in any form and purpose, to a plurality of users.

Any violation of the stipulations set out in this legal notice shall be considered as an infringement to the intellectual property rights held by WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L., and shall result in the liability legally established for this purpose, and may be pursued by The Company taking the administrative, civil or criminal action appropriate in each case.

The users of the website are fully responsible of for their behaviour both while they are accessing the information contained in the website and also having achieved access.

WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING, S.L. web users are solely responsible to The Company and third parties for:

  • any consequences which may derived from the use of any website´s content illicit purposes or contrary to this document.
  • any consequences which may derived from use contrary to the content of this document and damaging to interests or rights of third parties, damaging or impairing the webpage and the services supplied in it.

WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L. is the owner of industrial property rights referring to its products and services and specifically those relating to the registered trademarks mentioned throughout the website, and in particular those set out in the trademarks and products channel.
Access by Internet users to this Web in no way grants them any right to use or exploit these industrial property rights in any form. Any infringements or damages which occur in this sense will give rise to the legally established liabilities, and may be pursued by WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L. by the exercise of the pertinent legal administrative, civil or criminal actions.
WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L. does not guarantee the nonexistence of errors in access to its web or in its contents or that this is properly updated, although the Company will make its best efforts, to avoid errors and when appropriate, correct them and update the content.
WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING, S.L. does not guarantee or accept any kind of responsibility for loss and damages suffered due to access to services of third parties through connections or links from connected sites or on their correctness or reliability. The function of the links which appear in is exclusively that of informing the user of the existence of other sources of information in Internet, where the services offered by this website can be broadened. In no case is this entity responsible for the results obtained through the aforesaid links or the consequences arising for the user from access to them.
Third party services are supplied by those parties, so that this entity has no control over the legality of their services or their quality. Therefore, we recommend that the user takes careful precautions when accessing this type of link.
The use of our website requires the use of cookies, which are small data files. Cookies are used in order to improve the service supplied by this entity, but they do not store any kind of personal information relating to the users, since the information is anonymous.

If the user wishes, his browser can be configured to advise on the receipt of cookies and prevent their installation on the hard drive of his computer. It is recommended to consult the instruction manuals of the browser used by the client to extend this information.
WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L. will not be responsible for the damage that may be caused to Internet users’ computer systems for whatever cause, including, but not limited to, damage which may be caused to the Internet user by the existence of viruses in the network. Again, WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L. will not answer for any interruption, error or failure which may occur in the system due to malfunction in the network or in the servers connected to it.
WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L. reserves the right to update the contents of the website when deemed appropriate, and to delete contents or prevent access to them temporarily or definitively, and to deny access to users who fail in some way to comply with the content of this document.
The information contained in the webpage property of this entity must be considered as indicative for its users, both in relation to its purpose and to its effects, so that there is no guarantee of the accuracy of the information contained in this web, and no acceptance of any possible losses or inconveniences for users which may arise from such inaccuracy.


WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L. informs you that access to and use of the webpage and all the sub-domains and directories which could be included in it (hereafter referred to generally as the Portal), and the services which may be offered through that domain, are subject to the terms set out in this Legal Notice, without prejudice to access to some of these services requiring the acceptance of some additional General Conditions.
Any use made of this Portal or the Services included in it will mean acceptance of the legal terms set out in this text.
WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING, S.L. reserves the right to alter, at any time, the presentation and configuration of the website, and these General Conditions. For this reason, it is recommended that the users read them carefully every time they access the webpage. These General Conditions will always be in a visible position and of easy access for users, who can consult them as often as they wish.
Any User who acts against the image, good name or reputation of WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L., and uses the designs, logos or contents of the Portal illicitly or fraudulently, will be liable to the Company for his action.

The purpose of the Portal is to give information on the activities, products and services supplied by WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L., so that the information contained in it, unless stated otherwise, is only for such informative purposes.
In the event that any clause of these Conditions of Use, Conditions of Sale and Privacy Policy should be declared null, the remaining clauses will remain in force and will be interpreted taking into account the wishes of the parties and the real purpose of these clauses.


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The law applicable in the event of any dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms set out in this Legal Notice, and any other question relating to the services of this Portal, will be Spanish Law.
For the resolution of any conflict which may arise on the occasion of a visit to the Portal or from the use of the services which may be offered in it, WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L. and the User agree expressly to submit themselves to the Judges and Courts of the registered office of WORLD’S COCONUT TRADING S.L., in Zaragoza.
The use of the Portal attributes the status of user and means the full acceptance without reservation of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice.