Green coconut water, nutritive and healthy

Green coconut water is a refreshing drink and it is likely that many of you drink it, precisely, for this reason. And perhaps some of you are sportspeople who drink it after doing a lot of exercise because you know it’s an isotonic drink that gives you energy and helps to keep the body hydrated.

However, coconut water is much more, since it gives us nearly all the essential nutrients that our bodies need and its properties have a very positive influence on health.

It is characterized, principally, by containing a large quantity of potassium, considered as the best electrolyte for the body, leading to better expulsion of toxins in a natural way.

As well as being antioxidant and rich in vitamins A, C, E and many of those in the B group, coconut water is good for eliminating excess alcohol from the organism, alleviates flatulence and tension in the pancreas, increases the quality and quantity of semen, helps in gall bladder problems and is a good diuretic.

Another detail: it contains many of the compounds present in breast milk and can be used as a substitute in lactation. Did you know that in Hawaii mothers who cannot breastfeed their babies give them coconut water instead of milk from animals?

These are just some examples, since this water has many more positive effects… but we will follow this up in another post.