Genuine Coconut, organic coconut water, shone on the night when Madrid filled with fashion: Vogue Fashion Night

Celebrities, fashion and organic coconut water by Genuine Coconut were the cocktail of a great night in Madrid.

The streets of Madrid were full of good feeling, beautiful people and a whole host of parties organized by the various top brands. And we didn’t want to miss something like that…

On 10 September, at the party organized at the Hotel Wellington  for Vogue Fashion Night and with Café Baqué, we made Genuine Coconut the fashion among all the guests.

The night promised glamour, important guests, fashion parades and music. And that’s how it was, from the beginning of the fiesta many well-known faces of the Madrid social scene passed over the red carpet and had no hesitation in trying our Genuine Coconut coconut water.

Because… and make no mistake, if you have to watch your figure, when it’s time to have a drink at a party, the best answer is to choose 100% organic coconut water. Besides being really good it has very few calories.

At the Hotel Wellington we saw Carla Hidalgo, Alvaro Muñoz Escasi, Juncal Rivero, Elena Tablada, Mónica Soria, Los del Río, Fabián de Master Chef, Lara Dibildos and above all an energetic Antonio Abella who made us all dance to rhythms from the 80s and 90s, recalling his time with Locomía.

We also chatted with bloggers such as MailoIsabel Aguilera and Bloggylovers by the way, thanks for your post where you mention Genuine Coconut ;)

We have to say that we invaded the tables with coconuts and everyone who tried our Genuine Coconut wanted another.

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