Genuine Coconut coconut water at the Baqué Sport Night in Marbella

Our Genuine Coconut coconut water conquered everyone who was there for this great starting date of the “Vuelta Ciclista a España 2015”

Last Saturday 22 August Genuine Coconut was there with Café Baqué and everyone attending the “Baqué Sport Night” in Marbella, for the starting gun of the “Vuelta Ciclista a España 2015”. More than 650 guests were paying homage to this great sport and its heroes.

At the Baqué Sport Night 2015 there were personalities from the world of sport, culture, society, business and politics, such as Pablo Laso, Pavel Tonkov, Dani Clavero, Joseba Beloki, Ruben Gorospe, Marino Lejarreta, Álvaro Muñoz Escassi, Carlos Checa, Aitor Larrazabal, Igor Astarloa, Perico Delgado, Carlos de Andrés, Javier Minguez, José Luis López Cerrón, José Luis de Santos, Javier Guillén and José María Ruiz de Lopera, among others.

An amusing presentation and “Genuine Coconut” had to be there, putting “genuine” flavour into the event.

Here you can see a video showing how it was that evening with Café Baqué.

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