Ethics and transparency

Since its inception, our Company has made it a priority to implement a corporate culture based from the outset on the principles of honesty, fairness, and strict respect for the spirit as well as the letter of the Law.


WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING, S.L.’s current code of business conduct sets out Business Corporate Principles, and contributes to implementing them on an ongoing basis by putting in place non-negotiable minimum standards of behaviour that apply to the most important areas of the company.

The objective of our corporate-governance policy is to draw up a catalogue of principles that shows the Company’s compliance with current regulations, and with recommendations and trends at national and international level in matters of corporate governance. The Company voluntarily gives that compliance commitment, which, together with future commitments, will form the corporate-governance culture of WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING, S.L., to bring the company’s interests in line with those of its partners and other interest groups, by protecting and encouraging value that is shared by all of them, value that guarantees the sustainability of the company and trust in it.


Employees and collaborators must seek advice if they have any queries regarding the action plan in respect of a given action, since the absolute responsibility of each employee or collaborator is to do the right thing, and to avoid any behaviour that may damage or endanger WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING, S.L. or its reputation.



WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING, S.L., and its employees are governed by the Law. Compliance with all laws, agreements, health and safety plans, and applicable regulations can never be compromised.

In addition, employees must comply with internal rules and regulations as applicable to a given situation.



WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING, S.L., is prepared to compete successfully in the current commercial world, and it will always do so in full compliance with applicable laws regarding the defence of competition, anti-monopoly laws, and laws on fair trade. Accordingly, employees must comply with the following rules at all times:

Commercial policy and prices shall be set independently, and shall never be set in agreement with competitors or other unrelated parties. Clients, territories, or product markets shall never been shared between WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING, S.L., and its competitors, but shall always be the result of fair competition. Clients and suppliers shall be treated fairly.



We shall use our professionalism and experience in dealing with our suppliers, in order to build lasting relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual benefit.

Our commitments to our suppliers are to:

  • Base relationships with suppliers on mutual benefit and trust.
  • Choose our suppliers in an equitable fashion and using objective business criteria, avoiding favouritism that distorts competition.
  • Not accept from our suppliers any type of financial consideration, gift, or invitation of which the value may be more than  financial or more than a mere courtesy.
  • Honour our commercial commitments in respect of time, form, and content.
  • Prioritise companies that show a responsible attitude to the environment and to clean technologies.
  • Give preference to suppliers that respect fundamental rights in employment and that guarantee the dignity of their workers, with particular attention to  a complete ban on child labour, exploitation, and forced labour.
  • Put in place mechanisms to ensure that our social-responsibility criteria are extended to our supply chain, and check compliance with those criteria.



Confidential information is information that is not (ore that is not yet) public knowledge. That includes commercial secrets, business plans, marketing and services, consumer opinions, engineering and manufacturing ideas, product details, designs, databases, records, salary information, and any other financial or unpublished information.

Unless required by law or authorised by the company management, employees shall not reveal confidential information or permit it to be divulged. That requirement shall subsist after the employment relationship has ceased to exist.

Similarly, WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING, S.L., respect the fact that third parties may have a similar interest in protecting their confidential information. In the case of third parties such as partners in a commercial alliance, suppliers, or clients sharing confidential information with WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING, S.L., that information shall be treated with the same care as WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING, S.L.’s own confidential information. In that same regard, employees shall protect confidential information that they receive in the course of previous employment.



WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING, S.L., shall take such measures as seem necessary  within the framework of its laws and regulations relating to accounting, to prevent the opening of off-book accounts, the carrying out of extra-accounting transactions or of transactions that are insufficiently identified, the recording of non-existent costs, the existence of items with objectives that are incorrectly identified, and the use of false documents, with the aim of preventing corruption of any agent and of preventing that corruption from being hidden.



If you know of any conduct, whether active or passive, that is contrary to the provisions of the Ethics Code or of any other regulation, you can make denunciation through the Denunciation Channel that you can reach through the access buttons placed down below, specific for workers and suppliers. You can also do so by sending an e-mail message to, or by sending a written denunciation to the following address:


Enquiries, suggestions and complaints channel



You must have your access password. In case you have misplaced or you haven´t received it, please, request again your password.

Denunciations or complaints that are presented shall be processed by the Ethics Committee, an independent body that has the task of managing denunciations and claims presented.