Coconut water, the isotonic drink for athletes

We begin our first post about sports by dedicating it to the best isotonic drink. Coconut water and athletes binomial is a relationship that is increasingly more in fashion. Why?

Called by some as “the sports drink of mother nature” or “dew from heaven” in Hawaiian, coconut water is an isotonic, and thanks to its high content in potassium (five times higher than in drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade), it helps to prevent and eliminate cramps.
Moreover, it is an essential element for recovering after sports, thereby making it a good alternative to other options that are found on the market.

According to Dr. Lilian Cheung, of the Department of Nutrition of the Harvard School of Public Health and author of the book, “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise”, drinking coconut water is better than juices and other drinks and is highly recommendable for athletes who do not practice more than 3 consecutive hours of intense exercise.

However, it should be recalled that the coconut water recommended for drinking is the water that comes from natural green coconuts, whose liquid is clear and transparent, unlike the water from a mature coconut, which is brown and contains fat.
So now you know it: if you’re an athlete and didn’t know about drinking coconut water, there are no more excuses. Try it, and let us know what you think.