Coconut water, more than a beverage

Coconut water not only has healthy properties for our bodies when it is consumed, it could also be considered a natural beauty product.

Do you know the benefits from applying it directly to the skin?

We’ll list a few:

– It works as a wonderful toner and restorative for the skin.
– It helps in cases of acne, rosacea, eczemas, stretch marks, dermatitis, and dry skin.
– It helps to eliminate grease from the skin.
– It softens and eliminates spots.
– It fights dandruff.
– It strengthens bones, nails, and teeth.
– You can use it after exfoliation (face and body).
– It alleviates itchy skin after being exposed to the sun and after hair removal.
– It promotes cellular regeneration.

To apply, it is recommendable to use a cotton swab or your fingers (if you prefer) to spread over the skin, which should be previously clean and dry. Apply using slight pressure to help with penetration and absorption. Afterwards, do not rinse. Allow it to remain and act on the skin as long as possible.

Above all, do not confuse it with coconut milk. Coconut water is the liquid found in the interior of a fresh coconut, while coconut milk is obtained from processing the white meat of a coconut.

Have you ever applied it one of these ways, or do you know of another? We’d love for you to share it with us.