Coconut water Genuine Coconut in the Reebok Sports Club Solidarity Challenge 2015

Drinking fresh coconut water after sport is great! So in less than one hour we handed out more than 400 Genuine Coconut among the competitors in this sport event, where we surprised them a lot…


Summer, sport, solidarity and the best coconut water. The cocktail works. And that is why last weekend we were at the Reebok Sports Club La Finca, in Pozuelo, Madrid.

In this sport event the club members compete among themselves to win the Challenge Cup and show who is in the best shape: races, sports competitions and music. And all with a solidarity goal: participants gave their all for a good cause, to help those who need it the most (this year the funds raised went to GEICAM Foundation and Breast Cancer Research).


We had to be there. Supporting this challenge and helping the sportspeople and their families to restore forces with our healthy, refreshing, 100% organic coconut water, the “new” natural isotonic drink, with its high content in potassium.

Its flavour, our easy-opening system and our image triumphed and got onto the podium among the best of the provisioning. There was no lack of reactions… Here you have the story. Go to play: