5 Cool Coconut Ideas to Make Your Party Awesome

There is no cooler fruit than a coconut. It screams party! It is so versatile. From fresh and young coconut juice to amazing coconut cocktails to yummy foods to stylish decorations, coconut has a lot to offer. So, how about using it as a theme for your next house party? Coconut can turn your normal party into a tropical paradise party. Don’t believe us? Here are some cool ideas for your next party.


Got to Have the ‘Coco’ Bowls

Before we invented the metal, ceramic, or plastic bowls, coconut was the original bowl. In fact, it still is in many tropical destinations. Once you break the outer coconut shell, you can easily use it as a party bowl. You can serve all sorts of foods in it. Create a beautiful fruit bowl, put some finger foods, or make a stunning Acai bowl out of it. It is a mini bowl, which is perfect for appetizers. So, what are you waiting for? Get the party started with the beautiful coco bowls.


Bright Flavorful Punch

Tropical theme parties are always fun, and what’s fun-ner? Tropical drinks!

Use genuine coconut water, fresh coconut milk, and thin coconut shavings to make the drinks more in line with the party theme. Whether you want to add just a dash of lime, your favorite rum, or something else, it is totally up to you.

You know what you can do? Serve these drinks in the coconut shell itself. Sounds a little difficult, right? Given how difficult coconuts are to open. Well, coconut brands like Genuine Coconut have taken care of it. They offer pure young coconut water that you can drink right out of a coconut shell like you would out of a soda can. There is nothing like coconut water from coconut shell. You have to taste it to know that flavor. It is organic, it is healthy and it is so refreshing! All in one drink. Needless to say, you will have a legendary party.


Deck Up With Coconuts

Make your party a complete coconut fest by making the decorations out of coconuts too. Coconut already has the eyes, so just paint faces on the coconut and make centerpieces out of them. You can also use the coconut to create interesting shapes on paper for decoration. If you want to go all out, get your ‘arts and crafts’ set out and start creating hanging decorations out of the coconut shells.


How About the food

This is the most obvious one. Make food out of coconut. There is a certain depth of flavor that coconut brings to the foods. There is a bold earthiness to it. Whether you dish out a curry with coconut in it, use the shavings of a coconut over those incredible pastries, or create a coconut mousse, it is all going to taste heavenly. Coconut is the hero of the show, so you have to use it in the presentation too.


Stylish Return Gifts

There is no way your guests are going to forget a party so cool, but to make sure they don’t, create return gifts, and wrap them up in coconut. You can see them off with a coconut pastry, give them a small souvenir, or something else that can fit inside the cute little space in a coconut shell. Open up the shell, put the gift inside, and use a ribbon to tie it all up. Think of something cuter.

We will wait!